Bloom Screens

Calgary, Ab.

Hello, I'm Sehrish, owner and creative director at Bloom Screens.


Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram and come across a GORGEOUS backdrop with lush florals and think to yourself “I need something like this at my event!” only to realize it will cost thousands of dollars? Well, you can have those florals and the same wow-factor without having to break your bank account! We offer a range of event décor pieces with high quality silk florals (these aren’t your grandma’s fake flowers) to rent for a variety of occasions. 


Bloom Screens began a few years back when I was away on maternity leave from my job as an accountant. I was helping my family plan my baby shower and wanted a unique backdrop but all I could find were drapes, drapes, and more drapes! In my search for something special, I discovered flower walls but couldn’t find a single company in Calgary who was offering them. With no alternative, I decided to make my own paper flower wall with my sister-in-law, while 9 months pregnant and barely able to move. It took us FOREVER and we were only able to create a small section! That’s when I knew I was going to start offering flower walls to Calgary.


After the encouragement and support of our from our clients over the years, today we have evolved from offering only flower walls, to feature a huge inventory of one-of-a-kind silk floral pieces that include arches, asymmetrical arrangements, modern backdrops, props, centrepieces and much more.


Aside from working with florals and creating backdrops, I love spending time with my two beautiful children and my awesome, supportive husband. When I am not chasing after my toddlers, I love reading books, journaling, and watching my favourite shows on Netflix.


We can’t wait to chat with you!

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