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Calgary, Ab.

Hiiiiiiiii! My name is Kriya.



I grew up discovering treasure in antique shops, auction houses, garage sales and iron orchards… flea markets, estate sales… you name it. I was the dusty kid rummaging through crates like I had a million to spend… leaving the auctioneer no choice but to point out that I didn’t come with the contents of the box! Ha, true story. That’s where my love and passion for all things old and eclectic, and most importantly, my deep love for vintage lighting was born.

My keen eye and knowledge of lighting landed me an amazing position as a buyer, sourcing lighting and décor for a large scale, art driven, boutique music festival. Within a few years I began managing and running the festivals’ ambient lighting department, which we lovingly named Lamping. Leading a team of 10 diversely skilled creatives, in an insanely fun and constantly changing environment with about a million moving targets is where my enthusiasm for events, and my love of ambient lighting collided. This immersive, metaphorical sandbox that Lamping created was what inspired me to own and operate my event lighting and decor business.

So, here we are. Twelve years since I began collecting/buying professionally. Five years since the metaphorical cornerstone of Coven Creative was laid. This passion project that has become a full blow purpose project keeps us motivated and challenged and constantly looking for inventive ways to celebrate love. I remain inspired by creating ambient environments with an enchanting nature and by the strength that comes with support and community cultivation. Coven has a stunning collection of over 100 versatile lighting options and a gorgeous collection of gilded mirrors: perfect for any event or occasion! I have high hopes of expanding into event suspension and ceiling treatments; from floating florals to suspended décor and everything in between!


Thank you for taking the time to get to know our story!

I look forward to connecting with all you amazing industry creatives and being a part of future events and collaborations together!


XO, Kriya


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