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Bouquet Inspiration

Let's talk bouquets! Ahhh, I LOVE a good bouquet. I love floral design in general and I wish I had even 1/1000th of the talent as the amazing floral designers here in Alberta! I may love bouquets but having worked in a design studio for a friend last summer, I can honestly say that creating a bouquet is HARD work!!! And something I will leave to the professionals! Also, who knew there were like 1 bajillion types of flowers?!

Being a wedding photographer myself, I have had the absolute joy of photographing many bouquets over the past few years. And you know what?! No two have ever been the same. So unique, just like a snowflake. :) Bouquets are one of my favorite details to photograph on a wedding day. I often take the bouquet to sit on a pretty chair or sofa. Sometimes somewhere really cool like a bridge, if location provides. And always with the bride holding it in some of her portraits.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the past few years!

Above: (From left to right) Foxtail Floral Design | Fall for Florals | Phillip Chong Flowers

Above: Black Earth Floral

Above: All of these stunning bouquets are by our lovely vendor Sweet Bloom!

Regardless of the style, whether it's deconstructed or a little more on the "neat" side, bouquets (and floral's in general) add so much beauty to your day. They add a touch of softness, femininity and grace... and let's be honest, you feel like a princess when you're holding one! If it were socially acceptable to carry around a bouquet for say my birthday or a Wednesday, I'd definitely do it!

*All images in this post provided/taken by Grey Lily Photography


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