• Melanie LeBlanc

Color me pretty!

In these uncertain times, I find myself longing for some normalcy. What that is, I'm not sure. But I do know that no matter what's going on, I always love perusing Pinterest for wedding inspiration. And one of my favorite things to look at is wedding color palettes and color inspo!

I love the newest trends but I also love unique color palettes that aren't maybe used as often. I also love creating my own with images and details; because you know what?! It brings me joy and I think we could all use a little of that right now!

So, here are a few of my favorites. This post is in no way a "reliable" source for the newest trends or anything of the sort. It's just for fun! Something to keep our minds off of what's going on in the world. Even for just a few minutes! And all images are sourced from Pinterest or my own photography business (Grey Lily Photography). Who knows, maybe my countless hours of pinterest-ing will actually inspire some of you lovely brides!

Jungle: Ok so this does happen to be one of the trends for 2020 and I can't help but love it! I was uncertain at first but after creating this inspo board, I really do like the natural, effortless feel to this palette & style. Not to be confused of course with "tropical" that has more pops of color like corals and pinks. I'm a big BIG fan of this one! :)

Sage: Another shade of green that I love (big surprise!) and just a little less of a blue undertone than the popular MINT trend that's happening this season. I love how subtle and clean this palette is. A few touches of blush and natural elements. But overall it's a lot of greens and whites, and I simply adore it! Reminds me of a beautiful summer day. :)

Rust: Ahhh I love this! I'm not generally a fan of a lot of color (just ask my closet!) but I find that this rust and dusty rose combo is really lovely. The nice thing about rust is that it is quite cohesive with many colors. I chose to create a pretty neutral inspo board here, but there were also a lot of other combinations using rust and they were equally beautiful!

Edgy: Saving my fave for last! Funny enough this was a fairly difficult inspo board to create. Initially I tried to create "black wedding" and it wasn't at all what I was looking for. Haha. However I'm really happy with the end result! I hope that more brides will choose to try these more edgy palettes and styles in the future because I would absolutely LOVE to photograph them! I just love pairing soft elements like lace and floral's with edgier/darker things like leather jackets and black cakes!

Thanks so much for checking out my little blog post today. I hope it took your mind off the world right now and maybe even inspired you either for your own wedding or for a styled shoot!

Happiest of days everyone. Stay safe and healthy, Melanie Xx


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