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"Get to know us" Part Four - Q&A with Krystal & Mike of Fly Free Photography

Getting to know our community has been so much fun! Part Four in our "get to know us" series, features this super talented, (soon to be) husband and wife team; Krystal & Mike of Fly Free Photography. Check it out! :)


1. How long have you been in business?

K - I have been doing photography for 8 years, weddings for about 6 and just recently added video for weddings to our list 2 years ago.

M - I was gifted with my first camera 11 years ago, started to sell prints 9 years ago and was introduced to the world of Weddings 3 years ago under the guidance of Krystal aka Fly Free Boss Lady.

2. Why did you choose to start a business in Wedding Photography & Videography?

K - It sort of fell into my lap to be honest. I went to school for business & when I was finished, took a trip to Vancouver with a friend, ended up taking a few photos and posting them and had people wanting to buy them. From there started doing more landscape and then got into sport photography which, with the help from my mentor for 3 years, soon turned into wedding photography and I’ve never looked back. Video came by way of Paintball & after shooting it for the Canadian Paintball League for two years, fell in love and thought why not add it to wedding packages! (It hurts a whole lot less than paintball!)

3. Name 2 people each who you admire/look up to in the wedding industry and why.

K - Nicole Ashley & Maddie Mae from Adventure Instead, hands down two of my favorite humans. They both are open books & really want to help people grow and become better in their craft. One thing which I have found hard to come by in the photography world, it is far to “Cliquey”

M - Chris Nemes from Zen Film Works and Claire Morris from Claire Morris Photography. These two are an amazing husband and wife team from Australia who show the world that elegance and fashion can exist in every couple’s Wedding Day.

4. If you didn’t have your photography/videography business, what else would you like to do for a living?

K - Does a professional traveler count? Haha If that’s off the table, then either a kindergarten teacher (which I almost did instead of business) or traveling full time with the ministry we are part of.

M - I would look to find ways to reach out and help people, likely some extension of social work. The ideal would be working full time for the ministry, ultimately intending to help people wherever we go.

5. What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Alberta Wedding Social Community so far?

K - Thus far, connecting with other small businesses and vendors from around the province whom I otherwise would not have known existed.


1. Where are you both originally from?

K - I was born and raised in Calgary, Ab & while Mike was actually born in Calgary as well, he grew up in Regina, Sk and 100% bleeds green. (I try not to judge him. Jk jk) haha

2. Tell us a little about your family/household. Pets? Kids?

K - Currently, no kids or pets other than my plant babies! Haha (I have enough to make up for a pet) However, when it makes sense and we are not traveling so much I would like to get a pup. I’ve worked with agencies over the years doing fostering and rehabilitation for pit bulls. 100% that’s where my heart is and what kinda pup I would get. Mike thinks a bit differently, he loves cats!

3. What is your favorite past time as a couple?

K - I would say 100% traveling or going on any kind of adventure together. Even if that just means taking a drive through the country & getting ice cream. If it had to be something more close to home, having a fire and hanging out in our backyard.

4. What is it like to work alongside each other everyday?

K - Haha you would ask this. Honestly, it’s not as bad as some might think. We have a white board of things to get done and have our tasks split up and know what each other are tackling. In terms of shooting, it’s pretty simple. I run the show, Mike cracks the jokes. But honestly, I couldn’t think of a better person to get to work alongside with.

5. Name 2 people each (family members, famous people, friends, whomever) who have influenced your life in a positive way and a brief description as to how/why.

K - My Grams. She has been there through thick and thin with me. She always deals it to you straight and is up front and honest (even when you don’t want it). She is who I get a lot of my traits from, if you think I’m stubborn yet caring at the same time, I promise I learned the delicate balance from her.

My Pastor, Best Friend & now family to us Marty & Brigitte. Meeting them 3 years ago completely changed my life, for the good. I’ve never met anyone who brought out the very best in me and pushed me to do my best in literally every area of my life. I am forever thankful to have them in my life.

M - My Parents have always been supportive of my aspirations, my foundation since day one and my safe place no matter what. I knew from a young age that a life driven by love, compassion, kindness and goodhearted pursuits was how we should live life. I am grateful beyond words for who they are.

My Pastor for the same reason’s Krystal outlined.

6. What are both of your favorite meals? *complete with your favorite side dish and wine (or drink) pairing.

K - This one is hard for me, I love everything food. Honestly; Tacos, pizza, anything spicy, home cooked perogies, chicken salad with cranberries and nuts; there isn’t much I would turn down. Haha But, I literally could eat Sushi (Sashimi) All day everyday! Pair that with some edamame, shrimp tempura & jasmine tea and I’m a happy gal!

M - A good Cheese Burger, crunchy fries with gravy and a ginger ale to top it all off. If there isn’t a good Cheese Burger to be had, I’m always game for Pizza, I love Hawaiian but am not really picky.

7. Each of you list 3 of your favorite TV shows, 3 of your favorite movies and 3 of your favorite bands/musicians.

K - I actually haven’t had cable in about 9 years now & it honestly isn’t something I miss at all, (actually, don’t judge) I don’t even own a TV. haha Movies; Coach Carter, ElizabethTown, & Save the last Dance or Hacksaw Ridge. ( Let’s be real, there are so many good movies, I could go on.. ) Music: Dang such hard questions haha my taste is all over the map - Paul Brandt, Cory Asbury, NF.

M - TV, not worrying about cable, I do like a series called The Chosen which can be watched on their own app. Movies, this is tough because there are so many immersive movies out there that I love. I would say most recently 1917, Hacksaw Ridge, Jason Bourne Series and anything James Bond. Music, NF for sure, Temptations, Hans Zimmer; My taste in music has a broad spectrum, I love it too much to pick one era or genre.

8. Tell us one silly thing about yourselves that (maybe) no one knows! Like a funny, unusual hidden talent or quirk.

K - Mike calls me the animal whisper, as no matter where we are, animals seem to flock to me, mainly birds & horses, Ooh & puppies of course! haha

M - I’ve been told humour, puns and Dad jokes are my strong suit, although I prefer shorts and a tank top. 9. Describe one another in 3 words (kind, funny etc)

K - Mike is: Loyal, Integral & Honest.

M - Krystal is: Compassion, Love and Perseverance.

10. Last but not least; each of you tell us your favorite quotes or “words to live by”!

K - "You can’t worry and pray at the same time!"

M - “How real is God to you?"

Thank you so much you two for taking the time to share some fun things about yourselves with our community and our couples. (I too love sushi and animals Krystal and have also been called an animal whisperer a time or two, haha) We are super blessed to have you in our community! Thank you again for your support and willingness to share!

To find out more about this dynamic duo check out their bio here. And find them on their website at www.flyfreephotos.com


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