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"Get to know us" Part nine - Q&A with Amber of Captured in Amber Photography

Well it's been a hot minute since we've done one of these features... And I'm SO happy to finally be back at it. With a list of wonderful vendors who have volunteered to participate coming up :)

First up we have my beautiful, sweet and talented friend Amber of Captured in Amber Photography. I first met Amber 3 years ago at her brother' s wedding. But it took some time before Amber and I actually began working together and building an in person friendship... However as soon as we did, I knew she was going to be a permanent fixture in my life!

I have had the absolute pleasure of watching her talent grow and seeing Amber really come into her own as a photographer. I am not just a fan of her as a human, but as a photographer as well.


1. How long have you been in business?

I started my photography business in 2015 with families and began shooting weddings in 2018.

2. Why did you choose to start a business in Photography?

I originally first picked up a camera and took photography classes at SAIT before I had kids in 2011. I went through a bit of a mid-life crisis and found that creating really brought me joy. I have always had a creative heart and I now know how important it is to my overall well-being. When I had children my love for photographing moments really started to drive my work. I wanted to freeze time and photography really allowed me to do this.

3. Name 2-3 people who you admire/look up to in the wedding industry and why.

Shari & Mike, Wedding Photographers - These two are huge life goals. I am in awe of their work and how they capture story and light. They have such a unique way of seeing the world, especially weddings. I hope to one day be as good as this dynamic duo.

Heather Johnston, Owner of Orange Trunk and Wild Rose Workshops - Heather has such drive and passion for the wedding industry. It is utterly infectious. This woman is as creative as they come and it is so inspiring to watch her work and support others in the community. She lives and works with such heart and I am so grateful to know her.

4. If you didn’t have your photography business, what else would you like to do for a living?

I have a degree in nonprofit management. I pursued a degree in this field as I found this industry to more align with my life values. If I wasn’t head first in my photography business I would imagine I would be working at a foundation.

5. What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Alberta Wedding Social Community so far?

I love being a part of the Alberta Wedding Social community. I think as a small business owner and creative we are often working in our own little bubbles. I am a big people person and being a part of this supportive and uplifting community really provides me with that connection to others. I also really enjoy the collaboration and creative drive that is encouraged among members. I am so excited to be working on a styled shoot with mostly AWS members.


1. Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Calgary. I am often told I am a unicorn for this reason. I love it here though. Calgary will always be home.

2. Tell us about your family. Married? Kids? Pets?

This year my husband and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary (and 15 years of being together). I honestly can’t believe it. We have two beautiful children. Our son who is five and my daughter who is three. They are very busy and keep us constantly on our toes.

3. Being a busy mom, wife and boss lady; what would you do with an hour of free (kid-less) time every day?

This is a tough one...I only get one hour (I would love to have more hahaha). Honestly I think I would spend it reading. I used to read so much before kids. Now with the little time I have between children, running my business and managing all the other details, I yearn to read stacks of books I pile up in my bookshelf. Maybe one day...

4. Tell us 3 places you would love to travel and why.

I need to see more of Canada! Bucketlist includes:

Tofino - I can’t wait to bring my children to see the ocean. We are making this trip next year.

Prince Edward Island - I have met so many wonderful friends from the east coast. I can’t wait to visit this ocean that I have never seen.

Montreal - My mother grew up in Montreal and it is so beautiful. I can’t wait to visit this place my mom called home.

5. Name 3 people (family members, famous people, friends, whomever) who have influenced your life in a positive way and a brief description as to how/why.

My Photographer friend Melanie, Grey Lily Photography - Melanie has been such a huge support and cheerleader in my life. I feel that she truly believes in my potential even when I don’t. I have gone to her in many moments of crisis and she always knows what to say. I am forever grateful for our friendship. She’s a true gem.

(Thank you my sweet friend for your beautiful words; I feel the exact same way!)

My best friend Matt - I like to call him my “other husband”. We have been pretty much inseparable since grade 10 social studies class. He has been in my life longer than he has not. He is such a source of light and love in my life and I can’t imagine doing life without him.

My husband - He encourages and supports me through everything. I would not be where I am today without his love. I am so grateful he lets me fly and pursue my dreams.

6. What is your favorite meal complete with wine pairing (or other drink)? I honestly am obsessed with Ten Foot Henry. A meal from this restaurant is what dreams are made of. Their tomatoes and sourdough, broccoli, kale caesar salad, bucatini and butterscotch pudding are my all time favorites. I love to pair this meal with a Sauvignon Blanc (my general go to).

7. List 3 of your favorite TV shows, 3 of your favorite movies and 3 of your favorite bands/musicians.

TV: Six Feet Under, The Handmaid's Tale, Girls

Movies: Princess Bride, Arrival, Meet Joe Black

Bands: Lady Gaga, The Lumineers, HAIM

8. Tell us one silly thing about yourself that (maybe) no one knows! Like a funny, unusual hidden talent or quirk. I’ve been a theatre junkie for most of my life. As a little girl I would write plays and have the kids in the neighborhood act them out. I ran a very tight ship and we would spend hours rehearsing. I think my favorite play was one I wrote on Mortal Kombat.

9. Ask your husband and each of your kids, to describe you in 3 words. Big-hearted, kind, and hard-working.

10. Last but not least; tell us your favorite quote or “words to live by”!

“Life is tough, my darling, but so are you” - Stephanie Bennett Henry

Ahhh I just loved reading all of this (as I always do!). Amber may be a personal friend of mine, but she is a "newer" friend so-to-speak; so I am learning more about her just like the rest of you. And I couldn't be happier doing so!

Thank you SO much Amber for sharing a little more about who you are for our community as well as our clients. I think it is so important for people to connect on a personal level. I know from own experience that it can be a game changer when it comes to opening life's doors. :) You never know who will read this and reach out to you because they could really relate with the things you love and with who you are!

To find out more about this amazing woman/mom/boss babe, visit her bio here. And be sure to check out her website: www.capturedinamberphotography.com


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