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"Get to know us" Part Three - Q&A with Krista of Ethereal Weddings & Events

Part three in our "get to know us" blog features is all about this lovely lady; Krista of Ethereal Weddings and Events.

Krista is actually one of my brides (originally for 2020, now 2021) who has since become a community member with Alberta Wedding Social and a friend. Although we've never met in person, Krista has been a constant support of both my photography business and AWS and I can already tell what a huge heart she has for the wedding community!


1. How long have you been in business? Ethereal Weddings was officially established in September 2015, so going on 5 seasons now!

2. Why did you choose to start a business in wedding planning and styling? Oh my gosh. I love weddings so much. I’m a hopeless romantic through and through. When I say it brings me joy to be a part of the wedding industry I am not lying. I’m also OCD about planning and execution and have been planning events since my first surprise party for my best friend at 16. I was born to do this so I jumped in 5 years ago.

3. Name 2-3 people who you admire/look up to in the wedding industry and why.

Julianne Young Weddings - I love her vibe and she’s graceful and successful. Goals!

Melanie LeBlanc - You are a superstar and such an inspiration. I’m so glad I chose you for my own wedding and that it’s led to exciting adventures. I can’t wait to have some Grey Lily photos displayed in our new home. Also goals!

4. If you didn’t have your wedding planning business, what else would you like to do for a living?

Rescue all the animals and have a farm for them to live their best lives, old and young.

5. What is your favourite thing about being a part of the Alberta Wedding Social Community so far?

It has been amazing to get to know the other vendors and see how alike we are in our core values. We all love what we do for our clients and that is so inspiring.


1. Where are you originally from? Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta!

2. Tell us about your family. Married? Kids? Pets? I am engaged to a beautiful human who supports me fully in all my dreams and can’t wait to marry him next year, after having to postpone like most others. We have two fur babies. Our kitty named Hera and dog named Nova. She is a husky/German cross and keeps us very busy. No human babies yet!

3. What is the FIRST thing you are looking most forward to doing after life gets “back to normal”?

Hug everyone. And get my hair done!

4. You’re getting married next year (yay!!!) - what is your wedding theme/design/vision?

I’m an Earth sign and we love camping so we are excited to bring lots of Earth elements into it (wood, greenery, crystals) and very moody-romantic. Kind of like a “Practical Magic” vibe (movie!) We are going to have some pretty cool things happening for our guests during cocktail hour and throughout the evening. I don’t want to give it away as I can’t wait to talk about it (and now I have to keep the secrets even longer!) but it will be worth it. Stay tuned for August 2021!

5. Name 3 people (family members, famous people, friends, whomever) who have influenced your life in a positive way and a brief description as to how/why. My Mom - single mom who raised me and my brother. She’s one of my biggest supporters and she’s amazing. Quirky and cute! Puts everyone first.

My Fiance, Steven - he loves me no matter what I throw his way. I have so many ideas, so much passion, and I know it’s hard for him to keep up sometimes but he never makes me feel anything less than loved. Can’t wait to marry him!

My Soul Tribe - I call them this. All of my bridesmaids and some other close girlfriends. They are all so authentic and genuine and we’ve known each other for so long now. It’s so refreshing to have such amazing women in life to build you up when you need it and support your dreams! Priceless, really.

6. What is your favourite meal? *complete with your favorite side dish and wine (or drink) pairing.

Steak! Yummmm I have eaten at most of the steakhouses in Calgary throughout living here and I will always choose a Steak or seafood restaurant. I pair with garlic mashed potatoes, veg, and a full-bodied wine like a good Zinfandel or Merlot. I’m hungry now!

7. List 3 of your favorite TV shows, 3 of your favorite movies and 3 of your favorite bands/musicians.

TV: All Things Bachelor/Bachelorette, The Voice, and A Million Little Things. All time fav show that is not on any longer was Parenthood.

Movies: Practical Magic, The Notebook, and Centre Stage

Bands/Musicians: Incubus, David Gray, Blake Shelton

8. Tell us one silly thing about yourself that (maybe) no one knows! Like a funny, unusual hidden talent or quirk.

I danced my whole childhood and into young adulthood so when no one is watching (or after lots of wine) I dance all over the house or wherever I am. I can’t help it. And I mean, twerking (which I can’t do) and hip hop (which is also not my genre) so it always looks ridiculous.

9. If your friends were to describe you in 3 words, what would they be? (ex: kind, funny etc) Quirky - Passionate - Reliable

10. Last but not least; tell us your favorite quote or “words to live by”!

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” - Rumi

Well yet again, another lovely woman has blessed me with her super kind words and yet again, I didn't pay her to say it! Haha. Thank you again Krista, for taking the time to share a little about yourself with all of us. And for just being the supportive and kind soul that you are! Xx

To find out more about Krista, you can visit her bio on Alberta Wedding Social here. And be sure to visit her website: https://www.etherealweddingsyyc.com


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