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Groom Style - Inspiration for the men in our lives!

Okay, tell me who doesn't love when their man gets into a great suit?! And great suits are not hard to find nowadays!

It used to be in the early 90's, that the traditional black tux was the go-to for grooms. Big, baggy, double breasted; and the most unique part of that style was maybe adding a colored tie or shall I even say it, a cummerbund! Yikes! These were the days that menswear took a turn for the worse.

But thankfully, as we fast forward to 2020 - I'm happy to say those fads are long gone! Grooms style has evolved into better colors, textures and patterns. Drawing inspiration from the dapper 60's era of menswear. With cleaner lines, slimmer ties and pants. Suits are now sleeker, fitted at the waist and can even be worn with sneakers without missing a beat of sexiness! ;)

Your man will have no problem finding a suit that perfectly fits his personal style! Here are some of my personal favorites from my own photography collections as well as inspiration gathered from the interwebs!

Custom Suit: Make your own jeans | Images: Grey Lily Photography

I absolutely love the color of this suit and the beautiful rust and yellow fleck. It's like none I've ever seen.

Suit: Blandin & Delloye | Source: Pinterest

I am a HUGE lover of green. Especially in a suit. Wow!

Suit 1: Stitch & Tie | Suit 2: Pinterest | Suit 3: Mimi's Bridal Montana

I adore all of these styles. But that mustard yellow jacket is one of a kind! I love that it's paired with a subtle floral tie and light colored pants. It really makes the jacket the star of the show!

Custom Suit: Suits by Curtis Eliot | Image: Grey Lily Photography

This classic navy suit is timeless. Remnant of the 60's style I mentioned earlier. Cory looks so dapper in this custom suit with blush tie and pocket square.

Suit 1: Ed Williams Menswear | Image: Captured in Amber Photography | Suit 2: Pinterest

So who is currently swooning over all these gorgeous groom styles?! I know I am!

Each style is unique. Each with different colors and accessories. But they are all equally modern, stylish and masculine. All of these gentlemen look pretty suave if you ask me!

Well I hope you enjoyed this fun little post on groom style. I can't wait to share more soon! - Melanie Xx

Here are some more faves for your viewing pleasure!

All images sourced from Pinterest.


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