• Melanie LeBlanc

Some do's and dont's when searching for wedding vendors!

Here at AWS it is my intention to provide our down-to-earth brides (and groom's!) with some truly reliable and talented vendors. That is my #1 goal. Along with creating a beautiful community of course. :)

However, I still think it's super important for couples to do their own research, ask their own questions and find out who is the perfect fit for their wedding day. All too often, I see couple's making the mistake of not asking those important questions. Or not listening to their instincts. Or making a decision based on a referral or a pretty IG feed.

And so, I've created some do's and don'ts for couples to hopefully guide them on their search. These are all questions and ideas that I have created, that I hope you can implement with any and all potential vendors. Even ours here at AWS. Even me!

Do - Ask photographers to see full galleries from weddings they have shot. They should have no problem sharing a full wedding day with you! Other vendors should be able to provide you with images from weddings they have been a part of.

Don't - Accept that what you see is what you get. Some IG profiles and websites look beautiful aesthetically, but make sure the images you are seeing are really theirs. Some people will use stock images to create what a client "wants" to see.

Do - Find vendors who specialize in their field.

Don't - Assume hiring one person is better than hiring a team. Quite often nowadays, I see an IG profile that says "Planner, Stylist, Decor, Floral Design" and so on. It always reminds me of an old saying: "Jack of all trades, master of none". Remember that when searching for your wedding vendors. Do you want someone who does it all but isn't necessarily the best at any of it? Or would you rather have someone who is truly gifted in their field?

Do - Look at how a potential vendor engage with others on their IG and Facebook feeds.

Don't - Be fooled by the number of followers a business has. Many people pay for followers to look more appealing to potential clients. 10k followers doesn't mean they are a better business than someone with only 500!

Do - Meet potential vendors in person! If location is an issue, then Facetime and Skype are your best friend!

Don't - Hire someone without a proper meeting or two. You can learn an awful lot about someone in person. It is hands down the best way to see if you are a good fit for each other.

Do - sign a contract!

Don't - Agree to any kind of payment without one. Almost all wedding vendors will have a contract for their clients. Be sure to read over it carefully and if you have questions about it, make sure to clarify before signing!

I hope these tips were helpful! I know when planning my own wedding not so long ago, that I implemented these ideas and I was SO fortunate to work with some truly amazing vendors!

Happy searching!

Melanie Xx


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