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Sunflower Engagement Session - Fly Free Photography

It's currently a balmy 4 degrees (39 degrees fahrenheit for our American friends) with a rain-snow mix here in Calgary Alberta. And what better way to forget all about the yucky weather outside and bring a little sunshine to your day; than with this beautiful Sunflower Engagement Session featuring the talented team of Fly Free Photography!

Krystal, the fabulous "lady behind the lens" and co-owner of Fly Free (along with her hubby Mike who does video!), sent me this engagement session a few weeks ago and the timing actually worked out perfectly. It has been a dreary and cold few weeks in Alberta and this session is bright, joyful and full of love! And did I mention there's an adorable pooch too?! Krystal surely knows the way to my heart!

The lovely bride-to-be has shared some truly sweet words about her experience in not only choosing Krystal to be their photographer, but also just how much she loved their engagement session with her. Enjoy!

From the bride to be:

"Picking a photographer for your wedding is a very difficult decision, you are entrusting whoever you hire to capture one of the most joyful days of your life. It is not any easy choice, and there are a lot of options, so how do you choose?

As my fiancé and I began planning our wedding, we came to this difficult decision, and we decided to go with Fly Free Photography to capture our wedding day. From the first interaction with Krystal I was immediately at ease, all of my worries were gone. I of course scrolled through her Instagram account and browsed through her website beforehand, looking at all the beautiful photos she had captured for other lovely couples, but taking someone’s photo is more than just being good behind a camera. You have to be charismatic, passionate, personable, informative, and organized, and Krystal is all of these things and more!

When planning where to capture our engagement photos, Krystal was so accommodating and reassuring, we decided to do them in a sunflower field, but there was a lot of rescheduling and crossing our fingers that the frost didn’t get to them first. Krystal was already coming up with a back up plan and switched things around numerous times to make it work, I never once felt worried or concerned we wouldn't get the photos we wanted.

When our engagement photo day came, there were definitely some nerves as my fiancé and I had never taken professional photos together, and this was our first-time meeting Krystal and Mike. When we met in the sunflower field, everything was so natural. Krystal knew exactly where to put us, where had the best lighting, and told us exactly how to stand. We shared a lot of laughs and jokes and captured some stunning photos. Krystal and Mike showed up early to the field, just to scope out the best areas to take photos. They were also on their way up to another wedding for the next day – talk about accommodating!

I am a true believer of loving what you do, and this radiates off of this couple. The passion and drive they have not only for photography, but for their clients, truly shows and makes all the difference. There is nothing better than having your vision come to life, and Krystal ensures this becomes a reality for her clients. I am even more excited for our wedding day, knowing that every special moment will be captured. To not have to worry about photos and just enjoy your day, is such a blessing.

As you search for a photographer for your wedding day and have to make what feels like an impossible decision, I would highly recommended Fly Free Photography. I promise you will not be disappointed! Thank you again for everything :) "

Thank you so much to Fly Free Photography for sharing this beautiful engagement session with all of us and to the gorgeous couple as well! All the very best in your future together! - Melanie Xx

Photography: Fly Free Photography


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