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Tips on creating beautiful wedding flat lays!

Here at AWS our community members are all on the same page when it comes to our love of details. And flat lays are no exception! If you don't know what a flat lay is - the simplest way to explain it is by sharing the definition: "An image or style of photograph in which a number of things are arranged on a surface and photographed from above". And I'll just add to that: "A BEAUTIFUL number of weddingy things!" - in this case! ;)

Image: Jenny Jean Photography

As you can see by this beautiful image above; this particular flat lay includes just a few simple personal details - the stationary and rings. But by adding ribbon, floral's, a ring dish and those cute little styling scissors; it has turned into an absolutely gorgeous design!

Flat lay images add beautiful diversity to a wedding album and also capture those details that may have been missed otherwise. Including sentimental pieces like a grandmother's ring or a grandfather's watch is also a great way to ensure all of those things that are truly important to you (or your client) are being photographed.

To ensure these things aren't forgotten, the photographer or planner should work with the couple to make sure all of these things are ready for them when they arrive on the wedding day. Also, chatting with the floral designer about getting a few extra blooms for the flat lay is super helpful. And let's be honest, a flat lay isn't a flat lay without some floral's!

Image (R): Grey Lily Photography taken at The Open Trunk Workshop

The flat lay on the right is a much moodier feel than the first image. In this design, the main focus was the beautiful hand written stationary and rather than adding the ring(s), we opted for the beautiful bride's earrings.

Bridal jewelry is a really great way to add variety to flat lays and is one of those details that is often overlooked. Having those included, will be such a sweet keepsake for the bride to look back on.

And a flat lay design isn't just for the bride! Grooms also have plenty of flat lay worthy pieces to be captured!

Think shoes, ties or bow ties, the ring, cuff links, boutonniere, a watch; the list goes on. Now in a groom flatlay, I would err on the side of caution when adding floral's. You want to keep this design more masculine - so adding only the boutonniere (if available) and maybe a piece of greenery and a single bloom, would be the most I would suggest. I personally keep the groom's flat lay design much more simple. As seen next! :)

Image 1 and 3, sourced from Pinterest: Stephanie Brazzle Photography | The Ganey's

Image 2: Grey Lily Photography

The thing I love most about flat lays is they are totally unique and no matter how many times you create one, it will inevitably end up looking different then the last! It's important to be mindful of important details as I mentioned before, but you also have to have fun! Be creative and just enjoy this creative quiet time in an otherwise busy wedding day!

Image: Chic & Grace Studios

As you can see even by the few images I've shared in this blog so far, that flat lays are nothing short of gorgeous! But some of you may be wondering where you might get some of these pieces; such as vintage trays, silk ribbon, styling cloth, ring boxes/dishes? Well I am SO happy to share that we have a new vendor in our community - Curated Kits!

Curated Kits is a local company (yes right here in Calgary, Alberta) that offers one-of-a-kind styling kits to anyone and everyone! They have everything from individual pieces you can purchase separately, to basic kits and much, much more! I often order a one-of-a-kind kit and add extra ribbon in different colors because regardless of the flat lay, I will ALWAYS use ribbon! No 2 kits are the same and they include so many beautiful pieces.

Think of the possibilities with these beauties! *Insert heart eyes here!

Curated Kits also offers something called, "styling blocks" with all of their kits. As you can see in the images above, there are these little wooden blocks sitting on a canvas bag. Well I can say from experience that these plain looking little blocks are essential in styling flat lays! They help create laying and lift and often help supporting those tricky pieces.

Image Sourced from Pinterest: Hannah Forsberg

I hope you enjoyed our fun little blog about flat lays! And I hope that you found it helpful and maybe treat yourself to a little styling kit... I mean you DO deserve it after all! ;)

Much love, Melanie Xx


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