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Tips on throwing an unforgettable Bridal Shower!

Okay, who doesn't love a good bridal shower? I mean we love attending them. We undoubtedly love when they are thrown for us. But who here has ever actually thrown a bridal shower? If you have, then you know that as much fun as the day is, there's a lot of work that goes into it! I wanted to share some tips with anyone who has a bridal shower coming up and maybe needs some help! I am by no means an expert, but I have thrown multiple celebrations in my day: Baby & bridal showers, surprise birthday parties, anniversary parties; just to name a few! Okay, so maybe I am a little bit of an expert, haha!


More often than not, we choose a family/friends home to host the shower. It's affordable, it's familiar and it generally works out really well! Another option is to invest in renting a space at a local restaurant or venue. This gives you a little more flexibility when it comes to the size of the shower you want to throw. If it's a larger group, renting a space might make more sense. But whether you choose a home or a venue, the bottom line is that the space works for the shower.


Showers are traditionally filled with pink and white and all the things that are feminine and pretty. But it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. A great way to decide the theme is to ask yourself a few questions first.

  • What is the bride's style? Is she traditional? Edgy? Artsy? Casual?

  • Does she even like pink? ;)

  • What are her favorite colors or wedding colors?

  • Is the theme attainable? You want it to be fun and unforgettable. BUT it doesn't have to be over the top to do so!

Guest List:

You of course want to include the mom's and mother in laws. But you don't have to invite third cousins and people from work if they aren't close with the bride. The guest list should be the bride's most favorite people (aside from her husband/partner to be of course). And the only way to really be sure that happens, is to have the approval from the bride on the final guest list!

Dress Code:

What's that you say? A dress code?! Why not!!! If you have a chosen theme and vibe for the shower, it's nothing to ask the guests to coordinate to make it extra special and fun! (Plus it's great for photos!) It shouldn't mean guests should feel pressured to run out and buy new outfits. But, having a color palette with a few options to choose from should work for everyone.


Okay, so you have the day, location and theme picked. You need to invite the guests! Nowadays e-vites are commonly used, but I gotta say (and maybe it's because I'm a Gen X baby), I love paper! I love receiving an invitation in the mail. It makes it so personal and adds another special touch to making the shower unforgettable! This is where you can let guests know about the theme, dress code and other special details.


When planning a shower, you have to get creative. It's all the little things that will make a difference in the day. Here are some things that I believe are a MUST at any shower!

Great food - This is an obvious one of course! But (personally) I highly recommend hiring a caterer so you and the other guests can relax and fully enjoy the food. Along with great food comes a great dessert or treat! You either want to make sure the caterer will provide this as well OR reach out to a local baker to create some tasty "shower themed" goodies.

Signature Cocktail - Having the bride's favorite drink or a fun new recipe offered to guests is a super fun idea! Also having a non-alcoholic beverage option for guests like punch or a little coffee bar is super important too.

Personal touches - Guests and the bride alike will love the little things. For example; add personalized place cards at the table for brunch. Seeing their names on the cards will make them feel special and thought of. *And if it's feasible for you to do so, gifting the guests with a little thank you "goodie bag" or gift box at the end is a memorable and generous gesture as well.

Cute Signage - Another fun detail. Have signs for the food, the coffee bar, the signature cocktail, any games you have planned and so on.

Rentals - Adding fun things like an antique bar cart or a beautiful vintage chair for the bride to sit in, are just some of the things you can use to create a unique and beautiful experience.

Wedding Hashtag - Most likely the bride will already have this, and it's perfect for anyone who is unable to attend the shower. They can search the hashtag and share in the bride's joy!

Fresh Flowers - This is a MUST MUST detail for me! Flowers just add the perfect finishing touch to any celebration!

Music - Music will make or break the day, let's be honest! It sets the tone and can easily be switched up if need be. It's also free and with all the resources we have now, it's super easy to find hundreds of playlists to choose from.

So there you have it friends! Those are some of the most important things I can share with you to help create the perfect little shower ever! There are so many options out there and so many ideas for you to choose from. Find your theme and run with it. Not everything has to cost a fortune to be beautiful either! Taking the time to decide where you want to focus your budget on is also super important.

No matter what, the bride (and the guests) will be so grateful for all of your hard work and for all of the love you put into the little details.

***All images in this blog are from a bridal shower inspiration shoot I worked on a few years ago. Vendors listed below :) Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found these tips helpful! -Melanie Xx

AWS Vendor Team: Photography - Grey Lily Photography | Creative Director/Rentals/Planning - Orange Trunk | Floral's - Sweet Bloom Floral Design | Catering - Food Works Craft Catering | Desserts and Sweets - Lemonberry Pastries | Jewelry - Apostle Boutique

Additional Vendor team: Models clothing - Adorn Boutique | H&MU - Something Borrowed Beauty | Venue - Glenmore Sailing Club | Stationary - Lovesky Design | Cotton Candy - Sugar Cube YYC | Custom Gift boxes - Boxsmith | Models - Sonia, Katie & Sam | Doggie Model - Mayah


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