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Vendor Spotlight - Adventure Floral

Let's give a warm hello to Chelsea; owner and creative soul at Adventure Floral! Chelsea was one of the very first vendors to join our AWS Community and I'm so happy she did! I have had the pleasure of working with her on a few occasions and all I can say is she is not only kind and funny, but her floral creations are GORGEOUS! I asked Chelsea to answer a few questions for us about her floral business and what she loves most. Here is what she shared :)

Image: Born in Mud Bay

Tell us what drew you to becoming a wedding floral designer.

C: I was drawn to floral design about 6 years ago when we were planning our wedding. Call me the DIY Queen... We decided to do absolutely everything ourselves and wore many creative hats in the process. Which I highly DO NOT recommend haha! Trust in vendors that have their specialty for a reason! Like the wonderful AWS community you see here :)

From as long as I can remember I have had a creative eye for things, and really felt an immense amount of anxiety and stress from working a Monday to Friday job. I dreamed of one day owning my own business but I just didn't know what! I tried so many different avenues and nothing was sticking. It was clear to me when I started working with flowers the significant role it plays in connecting with nature, which is sooo good for your soul. I noticed a decrease in anxiety and stress levels and thought, why not dive in and learn a bit more about this field of work.

I searched for ways to educate myself more and came across Mount Royal University. After completing the Floral Design Courses there and learning through online webinars, podcasts, and incredibly profound floral entrepreneurs, I decided to start my business in 2018. I had few family and friends who allowed me to do their florals for their weddings. But it wasn't until February of 2020 that I decided to take the full leap! It has been an absolutely incredible year to say the least.

Image: Paramount Weddings

What has been one of the highlights of your career thus far?

C: Honestly, getting to know my clients and seeing them trust in me to design for such special moments in their life. When your a florist you hope that it is more than just one order, or a wedding day design. I want to have a relationship with my clients, to be able to share all the special moments that they have throughout their lives. So far I could not be more blessed with the relationships made with all of my amazing clients.

Also, I have to say - I have met and worked with people in the industry I had only dreamed to work with, and that has been pretty spectacular. Some of our work that these vendor teams have created will be featured in Rocky Mountain Bride and Confetti Wedding Magazine. It's beautiful what you can create when you come together as a team :)

Images: Born in Mud Bay

Images: Liv Hettinga Photography

Describe your favorite parts about creating bouquets and floral pieces for a wedding or elopement.

C: Ooh, well I will have to say when a bride or groom incorporates something unique in the design. I have wrapped bouquets in Grandfathers Scottish Tartan, added a necklace to a bouquet from a loved one. I've even added star wars figurines to the boy's boutonnieres last summer (that was a favorite of mine for sure!)

What sets you apart from other Floral Designers in the industry?

C: I'd say my style would be a more of a bohemian and rustic approach. I am all for adding in some sort of dried element to any of my designs. I love textures and the contrast between the natural golden prairie colors, and bright and gorgeous seasonal blooms available to us.

You will find me using lots of pampas grass, dried palms, bleached ruscus and proteas! Flowers such as anemone, quicksand roses, hellebores, garden roses, ranunculus, peonies, dahlias, scabiosa greens - my faves are eucalyptus (all types) nagi, italian ruscus and olive branches!

What would be your dream design for a wedding/elopement?

C: My dream elopement would have to be an intimate mountain top elopement. I absolutely love the hiking up a mountain with flowers in the back pack. Getting to the top to be surrounded by nothing by nature, it's so serene!

I would love to do a bright and beautiful wild flower bouquet that contrasted the summer elements. Large, wild and filled with unique textures and flowers. A matching head piece and funky boutonniere to go with it!

Tell us a funny or unusual moment /experience you've had while either creating florals for a wedding or on site.

C: Well, I would have to say that it was last May long! We do a lot of camping and I decided to bring out a bunch of florals and set up a fake ceremony for some more content. I had never designed on an A-Frame arch before so we set up a full ceremony spot, and my 2 best friends offered to be the models for it.

We had been camping for a few days, and a bunch of our other friends and some of their family members started to show up.. Me not wanting to make all my friends come set this shin dig up - I said we would wait until tomorrow... Little did I know Kyle had planned this as his proposal to Michelle. So now, I am told in a moments notice to get my shit together. I was incredibly shocked! But it ended up being such a raw and beautiful moment. I think it was one of my highlights this past year.

Images: Paramount Weddings

Lastly, share something about yourself that you would potential clients reading this to know about you!

C: It is my goal to create your exact vision that you are dreaming to have as your wedding florals. Even if you are not sure how to fully express your vision, let's chat and I would be happy to create you a visual mood board! I can't wait to take this next adventure with you, and I am here for you every step of the way.

Image: Born in Mud Bay

Images: Mint Photography

Image: Liv Hettinga Photography

Images: Grey Lily Photography

To see more of Chelsea's stunning work visit her website: www.adventurefloral.com

And visit her here on AWS: www.albertaweddingsocial.com/adventure-floral

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