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Vendor Spotlight - Kord & Co.

Say hello to Emery; Owner of Kord & Co. Filmmaker, artist and true love-story teller. I asked Emery to answer a few questions about her love of film and what is it that sets her apart in this industry. Here's what she had to say! :) And be sure to stay tuned until the end to see a beautiful Wedding Video from this amazing lady!

Tell us what drew you to the wonderful world of wedding videography.

E: To make a long story, short, I've always admired the heck out of nostalgia - especially the kind that feels so familiar. Maybe it’s a song you’ve heard that instantly takes you back to a day in the past, or something you tasted or smelled that makes you remember certain moments in your life - that’s the kind of nostalgia I’m talking about. Those warm fuzzies.

I knew I wanted to bottle up those feelings and make something tangible out of it. That’s when I knew I needed to pursue wedding filmmaking. There are so many moments that happen throughout the day - alongside the actual getting married part - that I want to capture for each couple I work with. I want you to be able to hug your grandma again, see your partner for the first time that day, laugh and dance with your loved ones again for a song or two. I want you to see, hear, and feel that day all over again when you watch your wedding/elopement film.

What has been one of the highlights of your career so far?

E: Honestly, I wish I had some grandiose story to tell you about hiking to the tallest mountain peak for an elopement or flying across the world to film a destination wedding - and although both of those are high on my bucket list (oh haaay adventurous couples, I’m looking at you!), the biggest highlight that continues to happen to me is the ‘a-ha’ moment when I’m editing. It’s going to be hard to explain but I’ll try my best!

The ‘a-ha’ moment I’m talking about is when everything just sort of clicks and the story takes off while I’m editing - ok ok ok, that sounded kind of fluff lol but hear me out. Sometimes it can take me anywhere from 4 hours to 8-15 hours sifting through footage and listening/re-listening to the vows/speeches and going through tons of song choices to tell their story in the best way possible. Then it happens, that 'a-ha' moment I’m talking about where my brain suddenly goes into this “Russel Crowe from A Beautiful Mind” mode and my hands can’t move fast enough as I edit the film. It almost feels like the story begins to tell itself - if ya feel me! Anyways, that is and will always be my highlight. I friggen love telling your stories!

Describe your style of work.

E: I'm definitely drawn to words like raw, authentic, candid, and all those types of adjectives we are all used to seeing in the industry. But really it comes down to one thing: Emotion. I want you to feel some sort of way when you watch films by Kord and Co. I’m so here for the emotion - and I’m not just talking about the “happy tears” kind of emotion, I’m here for all forms of it. The joy in the dances, the cute little laughs during vows, the love you feel from hugs, the nerves when getting ready, whatever happens that day - I want you to feel it too.

What sets you apart from other videographers in the industry?

E: It’s probably my approach to things! My goal isn’t to book the most weddings in a year, and run myself dry, but rather to work with limited couples so that I can get to know them individually and really take care of them throughout the year. I don’t just show up on the wedding day, film my allotted hours, and then take off. I interact with the couple and their loved ones, I become part of their gang for the day, I carry the flowers, I make sure the drinks are filled. I befriend each and every one of my couples because I believe that is the best way to deliver their wedding film experience. I want each couple to feel comfortable around me, like I’m their old pal!

What would be your dream wedding/elopement to shoot?

E: Oh mama! This is such a hard question to answer haha because I have an ongoing list of dream weddings/elopements that I am DYING to film, but I would have to go with the place that holds the number one spot currently, and that is Iceland!

What I visualize is a morning spent in a cozy cabin with coffee in those campfire mugs - you know the ones with the speckles? I see the couple cuddling near a fire and loving up on one another. I see them taking their time while they get ready and really soaking the morning in. I envision the couple, myself, the photographer, and officiant all hiking to a nearby waterfall or cliffside or somewhere friggen epic and them saying vows to one another. I see wind in the hair, I see gentle kisses, I see running through beautiful landscapes together. Can you tell I’ve thought this one through multiple times already?? lol.

When everything gets back to a new normal, I hope for travel to begin again, wedding plans that won't need to be rescheduled or reworked, and for my little filmmaking butt to one day get to Iceland!

Tell us a funny or unusual moment/experience you've had at a wedding.

E: Ahh - this one took me a while to think about, but I would have to go with a prairie storm that made an early appearance in the middle of an outdoor ceremony. It was your classic “rain, hail, and crazy winds that could knock down a reception tent” kind of storm.

When I arrived that day, the father of the bride told us that we would be pushing the timeline to have the ceremony an hour earlier due to the storm that was forecasted to happen at 4 pm. Long story short, the storm actually happened at 3 pm - which is precisely when the ceremony was rescheduled for - good one storm, good one. As soon as the ceremony commenced, strong winds came gusting through, dark clouds rolled over our heads, and then the rain came... and it did not stop. A + E were determined to get married rain or shine. They held each other’s hands as everything else was falling down around them. It was quite beautiful to witness tbh. It wasn’t until the hail started pelting our backs when they finally called pause on the ceremony and everyone raced inside under the tent. I was solo shooting so I had to run and collect all my gear and PRAY to the equipment gods that the downpour didn’t mess anything up for the time being. Unfortunately, the gods did not answer, lol.

While their family raced to set up a brand new ceremony inside the tent, I had to figure out a solution and figure out one fast. I always carry more than 2 cameras on me for this very occasion, aka AN EMERGENCY. However, the rain took out 2/3 of my cameras and I was left with my trusty canon and my iPhone. So I set up one camera angle to capture their vows and grabbed my iPhone in a pinch to film everything else I needed (thank god for 4k on the new iPhones!).

If you know me, you know how I THRIVE under pressure. However, this was a certain kind of pressure I think I’d rather live without for a while lol.

Lastly, share something about yourself that you would like potential clients reading this to know about you!

E: I wholeheartedly love my job. I love what I do. I love the couples I get to meet. I love the insanely talented vendors I get to work with. I am beyond honoured that I get to call this my job. I relate to the stress of having to book someone to capture those memories for you to keep forever, and the pressure you must feel while finding that someone. But I want you to know that I’ve got you. I don’t take what I do for granted or lightly. I want to make sure that your wedding film is every bit beautiful as it is nostalgic. I want you to watch it for years to come and show your kids, and their kids, and their kids!! It’s a piece of your history that I will never take for granted.

Marc & Steph - 1 minute teaser film - Kord & Co.

To learn more about Emery and see more of her incredible work, visit her website: www.kordandco.com

As well as her bio here on Alberta Wedding Social - Kord & Co.

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