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Vendor Spotlight - Meg Seitz Photography

Let's say hello to another one of our FAB photographers here at Alberta Wedding Social! Meg has been a part of our community for just a few short months; but in that time, I have seen what a genuine and kind soul Meg is!

Her style is light, airy and romantic. And she has a way of capturing details so effortlessly! Please read along and learn more about Meg and enjoy seeing some of her beautiful work!

Tell us what drew you to the wonderful world of wedding photography.

M: I've always loved storytelling! I wrote stories all the time as a kid and was always fascinated with beautiful things--in high school I was drawn to art but I was NOT at all good at it. My drawings and paintings were dreadful. But then I got a Nikon powershot camera as a gift and started taking pictures in my art class and I was hooked! In college I tried majoring in photography, but I disliked my professor who was a B&W landscape kinda guy. So I shelved photography and majored in Creative Writing. A few years ago I came across Lauren Fair and Julie Paisley who are film photographers and my passion for photography was reignited! I loved the soft, creaminess in colors and skin tones and knew this was exactly the type of photography I wanted to create. And here I am!

What has been one of the highlights of your career thus far?

M: One of the highlights of my career has been chatting with Julie Paisley who's an amazing film photographer and definitely one of my role models! I've also really loved getting to know my couples and collaborating with some amazing people for photoshoots!

Describe your style of work.

M: Light & airy and dreamy.

What sets you apart from other Photographers in the industry?

M: I customize my bride's wedding day experience by giving them their own customized mood board! Many brides go to Pinterest for inspiration and pin images they love, but a lot aren't sure how to make them all into one cohesive vision for their wedding day. That's where I come in! I'm not only their photographer, I'm their inspiration board for their dream wedding! I take their color scheme, their style, their venue, their floral ideas (etc) and I create their own individualized mood board just like you would see on Pinterest. And then after their big day is over, I send them their original mood board I created before their wedding, and their new mood board with the images from their wedding to show them how we were able to realize their vision!

What would be your dream wedding/elopement to shoot?

M: Oh my goodness, definitely somewhere in Ireland! I have always been drawn to that sceptered isle and would love to do an elopement in an ancient castle by the cliffs of Moher, where the bride has an ethereal flower crown under a long veil. DREAM shoot!

Tell us a funny or unusual moment /experience you've had at a wedding.

M: I get really excited on wedding days and sometimes say things before thinking them! With my couples, I have to be friends with them, and since I'm from the southern United States the "southern hospitality" of calling people "sweetie" and "hun" is strong! I accidentally blurted out that I loved this groomsmen when he was being super funny and straight up face palmed myself after! I apologized profusely and he took it really well, but yeah. SO embarrassing!

Lastly, share something about yourself that you would potential clients reading this to know about you!

M: I will literally bend over backwards for my couples! For me, photography isn't just about taking pretty pictures, it's about making each couple feel like a million bucks and also treating their loved ones like a million bucks. I make sure that each of my brides has a tailored experience with me--from the customized mood board at the start, to the individualized posing, to the wedding day. Each couple is different, so each couple will get exactly what they need!

To see more of Meg's beautiful work visit her website: www.megseitzphotography.com

And visit her here on AWS: www.albertaweddingsocial.com/meg-seitz-photography

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