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Wedding Hair Trends 2020

Being a former bridal hairstylist myself, I always love keeping up on wedding hair trends. And they seem to get better every year! I love that hair has become less "done" and formal and more natural and soft. I mean who wants to feel like they're wearing a hairspray helmet all day?!

One of this season's trends is wearing your hair down. A side part and soft waves are a gorgeous look. But if you're someone who's hair doesn't hold curl well, you may want to opt for either a sleek look or wearing it up (which I'll touch on next!). There's nothing worse than feeling the curl fall from your hair before you even make it to your ceremony. So it's super exciting to hear that sleek, straight hair is VERY popular this season. A bold center part and adding hair accessories to glam it up; Gorgeous! Another option for anyone who's hair refuses to hold a curl; hello extensions! They were a life saver on my own wedding day. :)

These bridal styles created by the lovely and talented Heather Mac Hair Design. One of our Calgary Vendors.

For brides with fine or thin hair; a great option is a soft up style. (French Twists are even making a comeback!) You can add volume and texture with product. One of my personal favorites is "Dust It" powder. It absorbs oil on the scalp and gives my thin hair lots of volume! Have your stylist sprinkle a dash of this miracle powder into your hair and you'll have volume all day! Up styles should look effortless with soft pieces falling around the face. Again keeping with that natural, timeless vibe.

These bridal styles are by another one of our incredibly talented Calgary vendors, Robin of Avenue Beauty

Hair Bling! Whoop! Wedding hair accessories are a big trend for 2020. And the nice thing about them is that they suit everyone, with any length or style of hair. Everything from a simple comb to a glitzy crown. I personally love some simple bobby pins with pearls or crystals on the ends; strategically placed of course! Simple yet timeless. Ribbons and bows are also on the list of hot hair accessories this year and I am REALLY happy about that!

Ok so this one shocked me and I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet but Hair Bouquets.... Yep, bouquets of flowers in your hair! Looking at some Pin-spiration, I'm still not a fan. They look somewhat overwhelming and top heavy. I think for high fashion, it could definitely work. But I'd still rather see a few small blooms in a brides hair or a floral crown (even though, those are apparently NOT on trend this year!) than seeing my bride nearly tipping over with the weight of her hair bouquet! Insert giggling here!

I think at the end of the day, wear what makes you feel beautiful. Think of your hair type, your style of dress (neckline), the weather. It all plays a very big role in how you should wear your hair. And the nice thing is, a great hairstylist will help you make these decisions. Or at least make them so much easier! Check out our line up of talented stylists here in Calgary on our Calgary & Area vendor page. With many more coming to other areas soon!

Image 1 and 3, Avenue Beauty. Image 2 Heather Mac Hair Design


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