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A fun little guide to 2021 Wedding Trends

Firstly, let it be known that I am no wedding expert! Maybe one day, but for now I am perfectly content being an expert at searching the interwebs and finding some great, reliable resources from the people who are! And I absolutely loved finding all of these exciting Wedding Trends for the 2021 season!

I recently shared a few of these trends on IG but I have gathered a LOT more of the good stuff to share with all of you today! And with the new year right around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time.

Image: The Gathered - Alberta Wedding Venue


This is the most common trend I have seen so far and it is mentioned across so many of the most popular wedding blogs! Think cozy, intimate and whimsical. Ahhh the romance! There's no doubt that this trend has become more popular due to the pandemic. However, from a wedding photographer's perspective; I hope it's here to stay! I absolutely loved the smaller weddings I was able to capture this past season. There was so much more time for the couple to enjoy their guests and most importantly, each other.


With 2020 having such a negative impact on our economy, it is SO important to support and buy local whenever we can. How can you do this for your wedding you ask? Well you can start by hiring a wedding planner. They will know all the amazing local businesses you can support. But if a planner isn't in your budget, you can do the research yourself. Hire a local caterer who uses locally grown produce. Shop at a local bridal boutique. Get married in a smaller venue, owned by a local family. The list goes on. Most cities will have ample options for local goodies. Especially here in Alberta where we have over 160,000 small businesses to choose from!


Not that all wedding parties aren't fun, but couples in 2021 are "thinking outside the box". More and more couples are opting to have kids, grandparents and of course, their furry friends in their wedding party, rather than the traditional 3-5 friends/siblings. I personally love this idea!


TWINKLY LIGHTS!!! I am SO excited that this trend is here again and gaining momentum for the 2021 wedding season. Now of course (here in Alberta especially) those lights should be under a tent because we can't really trust the weather, even in summer! But regardless of the space; twinkly lights are sure to add a magical and romantic touch to your event!

Other decor trends to keep in mind are mismatched tables and living room decor; like comfy couches and chairs!

Unique ceremony arches, sentimental tablescapes and metal; all the metal!

Image: Pinterest


I love seeing wedding hair and MU trends. Maybe it's because not long before I became a photographer, I was a hairstylist and wedding hair was my specialty! :) 2021 looks to have a lot more of those casual and soft looks for hair. With beachy waves, floral crowns and braids. Make up is making a bit more of a statement, suggesting that a bold red lip or a dramatic eye paired with natural skin is the way to go. Minimalist makeup is also going to be popular this season!

Image: Pinterest


Color trends are my absolute fave! They are the perfect place to start when dreaming up your day. You can't have a vision without a great color palette! Which is your favorite trend?!






As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, I am no expert! I sourced all of this information and the images from the following blogs and sites: Pinterest, Wedding Forward, Becoming Mrs. Jones and The Knot. It sure was fun doing this research and compiling a little blog for all of you to enjoy!

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